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2013-04-02 09:53
As these reflections presented themselves to the Captain's mind, and by slow degrees assumed this shape and form, his visage cleared like a doubtful morning when it gives place to a bright noon. His eyebrows, which had been in the highest degree portentous, smoothed their rugged bristling aspect, and became serene; his eyes, which had been nearly closed in the severity of his mental exercise, opened freely; a smile which had been at first but three specks - one at the right-hand corner of his mouth, and one at the corner of each eye - gradually overspread his whole face, and, rippling up into his forehead, lifted the glazed hat: as if that too had been aground with Captain Cuttle,and were now, like him, happily afloat again. 当这些想法出现在船长心中,逐渐成形的时候,他的脸色开朗起来,就像阴云密布的早晨退让给阳光灿烂的中午一样。他的眉毛原先极为不祥地紧皱着,现在不再直直地竖立,而是舒展开来,安祥平静;他的眼睛原先在紧张的思想活动过程中几乎已经闭上了,现在则随意地张开;他的微笑最初只出现在三小点——嘴的右角和两只眼角——,现在逐渐扩展到整个脸庞,向上波送到前额,掀起了那顶上了光的帽子;这帽子原先仿佛跟卡特尔船长一样搁了浅,现在则又跟他一样,愉快地漂浮起来了。 Finally, the Captain left off biting his nails, and said, 'Now, Wal'r, my boy, you may help me on with them slops.' By which the Captain meant his coat and waistcoat. 船长终于不再咬指甲,说:“现在,沃尔特,我的孩子,你帮我穿上衣服吧!”船长指的是他的外衣和背心。 Walter little imagined why the Captain was so particular in the arrangement of his cravat, as to twist the pendent ends into a sort of pigtail, and pass them through a massive gold ring with a picture of a tomb upon it, and a neat iron railing, and a tree, in memory of some deceased friend. Nor why the Captain pulled up his shirt-collar to the utmost limits allowed by the Irish linen below, and by so doing decorated himself with a complete pair of blinkers; nor why he changed his shoes, and put on an unparalleled pair of ankle-jacks, which he only wore on extraordinary occasions. The Captain being at length attired to his own complete satisfaction, and having glanced at himself from head to foot in a shaving-glass which he removed from a nail for that purpose, took up his knotted stick, and said he was ready. 沃尔特想不出,船长系领带为什么会那么用心,他把垂下的两端拧成像辫子一样的东西,然后穿进一个大金戒指中,戒指上刻着一幅图画,画中有一座坟墓、一条洁净的铁栏杆和一株树,它是纪念某个死去的朋友的。沃尔特也想不出船长为什么把衬衫领子使劲往上拉,拉到下面的爱尔兰亚麻布衬衫所许可的最大限度,这样一来他看上去就有了一副完好的遮眼罩来装饰自己了。沃尔特也想不出,船长为什么脱下鞋子,换上那双世上无双的短靴,那是他在不寻常的场合才穿的。船长终于穿着完毕,自己完全感到称心满意;他从墙钉上取下一面修脸用的镜子,从头到脚把自己打量了一番,然后拿起他那根多节的手杖说,他已经准备好了。 The Captain's walk was more complacent than usual when they got out into the street; but this Walter supposed to be the effect of the ankle-jacks, and took little heed of. Before they had gone very far, they encountered a woman selling flowers; when the Captain stopping short, as if struck by a happy idea, made a purchase of the largest bundle in her basket: a most glorious nosegay, fan-shaped, some two feet and a half round, and composed of all the jolliest-looking flowers that blow. 当他们走上街道的时候,船长的步态比往常显得更加踌躇满志,但沃尔特以为那是由于短靴的作用,对它并不注意。他们没走多远,遇到一位卖花的女人,船长突然停下脚步,仿佛心血来潮,闪出一个巧妙主意似的;他把她篮子里最大的一束花买下来,那是一个极为光彩夺目、芳香四溢的花束,形状像扇子,周围约有两英尺半,全都由最鲜艳的花朵组成。 Armed with this little token which he designed for Mr Dombey, Captain Cuttle walked on with Walter until they reached the Instrument-maker's door, before which they both paused. 卡特尔船长准备了这份打算送给董贝先生的礼品之后,跟沃尔特继续向前走去,直到他们到达仪器制造商门前,两人才都停下脚步。
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