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狄更斯双语小说:《董贝父子》第18章Part 02

2013-04-02 09:51
Now the rosy children living opposite to Mr Dombey's house, peep from their nursery windows down into the street; for there are four black horses at his door, with feathers on their heads; and feathers tremble on the carriage that they draw; and these, and an array of men with scarves and staves, attract a crowd. The juggler who was going to twirl the basin, puts his loose coat on again over his fine dress; and his trudging wife, one-sided with her heavy baby in her arms, loiters to see the company come out. But closer to her dingy breast she presses her baby, when the burden that is so easily carried is borne forth; and the youngest of the rosy children at the high window opposite, needs no restraining hand to check her in her glee, when, pointing with her dimpled finger, she looks into her nurse's face, and asks 'What's that?' 住在董贝先生家对面的脸色红润的孩子们这时从他们育儿室的窗口向下面的街道探望,因为在董贝先生家的门口有四匹黑马,马头上装饰着翎毛,翎毛在黑马所拉的马车上方摇晃着;这些情景以及披着披巾,拿着棍棒的人们,吸引了一群人围观。玩杂耍的人本准备旋转盘子,这时又在他华丽的衣服外面套上一件宽松的外衣;他的拖着腿走路的妻子,手上抱着一个重娃娃,身子向一边倾斜,正游手好闲地看着送殡的人们出来。但是当她很轻易地抱着的孩子被挤到前面时,她就把他更紧地压在她肮脏的乳房上。对面高高的窗子里脸色红润的孩子当中最小的一个,兴高采烈,不要别人来制止她,这时她望着保姆的脸,用胖乎乎的手指指着问道:“那是什么?” And now, among the knot of servants dressed in mourning, and the weeping women, Mr Dombey passes through the hall to the other carriage that is waiting to receive him. He is not 'brought down,' these observers think, by sorrow and distress of mind. His walk is as erect, his bearing is as stiff as ever it has been. He hides his face behind no handkerchief, and looks before him. But that his face is something sunk and rigid, and is pale, it bears the same expression as of old. He takes his place within the carriage, and three other gentlemen follow. Then the grand funeral moves slowly down the street. The feathers are yet nodding in the distance, when the juggler has the basin spinning on a cane, and has the same crowd to admire it. But the juggler's wife is less alert than usual with the money-box, for a child's burial has set her thinking that perhaps the baby underneath her shabby shawl may not grow up to be a man, and wear a sky-blue fillet round his head, and salmon-coloured worsted drawers, and tumble in the mud. 这时,董贝先生在周围一小群穿着丧服的仆人和哭哭啼啼的妇女们中间,穿过前厅,走向另一辆等待着他的四轮马车。这些旁观的人们心想,他并没有被悲伤和痛苦压倒。他的步伐还是跟平日一样矫健,他的态度还是跟平日一样生硬呆板。他没有把脸掩藏在手绢里,而是直望着前方。他的脸虽然稍稍有些消瘦、森严、苍白,但表情仍和往常一样。他在马车里坐定了位子,另外三位先生也跟着进了马车。于是隆重的送殡队伍沿着街道向前徐徐移动。玩杂耍的人正在一根棍子上旋转着盆子,同样的人群正在赞赏这技艺时,翎毛还在远处摇晃着。但是玩杂耍的人的妻子拿着盒子讨钱,不像平日那样机灵麻利,因为孩子的葬礼使她联想到她的被破烂的围巾覆盖着的婴儿也许将来不能长大成人,不能在头上绕上一根天蓝色的束发带,穿着橙红色的衬裤,在泥里翻跟斗。 The feathers wind their gloomy way along the streets, and come within the sound of a church bell. In this same church, the pretty boy received all that will soon be left of him on earth—a name. All of him that is dead, they lay there, near the perishable substance of his mother. It is well. Their ashes lie where Florence in her walks—oh lonely, lonely walks!—may pass them any day. 翎毛沿着街道,忧郁地、曲曲折折地向前行进,已经可以听到教堂的钟声。这个漂亮的孩子就在这个教堂里得到了他不久唯一能遗留在人世的东西——一个名字。他们把他死去的一切安放在这里,靠近他母亲的遗骸。这很好。他们的骨灰在那里,弗洛伦斯不论哪一天散步——唉,多么孤独多么孤独的散步啊!——随时都可以经过那里。
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