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  【提示:有关骨折的诊断、护理医学口语会话节选。】  (1)  Doctor: Hello, I'm an orthopedic surgeon…… What happened to your leg?  医生:你好,我是骨科医生,你的腿怎么了?  Patient: I fell down the stairs, Immediately, I felt a bad pain in my left hip and I couldn't stand at all.  病人:我从楼梯上摔下来,马上感到左髋疼得厉害,我简直站不起来了。  Doctor: when did it happen?  医生:什么时候发生的?  Patient: Tow hours ago.  病人:两小时以前。  Doctor: Have you taken any pain-killers?  医生:你用过什么止痛药吗?  Patient: No, I came directly here.  病人:没有,我直接就来了。  Doctor: Please lie on the bed, loosen your belt, and point to the spot where you feel the most pain.  医生: 请躺下,松开你的腰带,请你指出最疼的部位。  Patient: It's here, Doctor, around the left hip.  病人:就在这里,医生,左髋关节周围。  Doctor: I'm afraid your femur is broken. We'd better X-ray it, just to be sure. Take this paper to the office; the nurse will show you to the X-ray department.  医生:你的股骨恐怕断了。得照几张X 线片来确定一下。拿这张申请单到办公室去,护士会带你到放射科去。  Doctor: The X-ray shows a fracture of your left femur.  医生:X线片显示左髋骨骨折。  Patient: Doctor, will it heal properly?  病人:医生,能治好吗?  Doctor: Of course, it will, don't worry. I think you should be admitted to hospital. You need an operation to fix it.  医生:当然能治好,不要着急。我想你应住院,你得做复位固定手术。  (2)  Patient: I have hurt my right elbow. I can't move it because of the pain.  病人:我的右肘受伤了,疼得动也不能动。  Doctor: How did it happen?  医生:是怎么引起的?  Patient: That happened this morning. When I was getting into the bus, I fell on my elbow.  病人:今天早晨上公共汽车的时候,我把肘部摔伤了。  Doctor: Is it still painful?  医生:现在还疼吗?  Patient: Yes. Since the accident it has been stiff and looks black and blue. At times it feels numb.  病人:是的,受伤后伤处僵硬发紫发胀。有时还觉得麻木。  Doctor: Can you feel this, when I put it on your hand?  医生:我把这个放在你手上时你有感觉吗?  Patient: Yes.  病人:有感觉。  Doctor: I'm afraid you may have broken your elbow, I'll send you to the x-ray department to check.  医生:你的肘关节恐怕骨折了,我送你去放射科检查一下。  Doctor: The X-ray reveals a fracture of the lower humerus. We'll give you a "U" type plaster cast on your elbow and shoulder.  医生:X线片显示肱骨下段骨折。我们在你肘部和肩膀上打个“U”型石膏托。  Patient: How long shall I have to have it?  病人:这石膏托需要戴多久?  Doctor: About six weeks.  医生:大约六周。  Patient: Is there anything else I should do?  病人:我还需要注意什么事吗?  Doctor: You'd better rest in bed and keep your elbow higher than your heart. Move your finger joints from time to time. Keep an eye on the color of the fingers. If you have pain and numbness or if the color of the fingers turns pale or dark, come right away.  医生:你最好卧床休息,将患肘放在高于心脏的部位上,经常活动你的指关节。注意手指头的颜色。如果手指疼和发麻或颜色发白或发暗,就马上来诊治。  (3)  Intern: Hello, Mrs. Davis. I'm the doctor. What seems to be the matter with Johnny?  实习医师:你好,戴维斯太太。我是医生。约翰尼怎么啦?  Mother: I don't really know. He was outside playing with other children, when all of a sudden he came in crying and complaining of a bad pain in his right elbow. He said he fell down and hurt himself. That happened this morning, and it still hurt him this afternoon, so I thought I'd better bring him in and see what was wrong with him.  母亲:我不太清楚。他正在外面与别的孩子们一起玩,突然哭着进来说他的右肘部疼得厉害。他说他摔倒而受了伤。这是今天上午发生的事,下午他仍感到痛,所以我想最好带他来看看有什么毛病。  Intern: Does your elbow still hurt, Johnny?  实习医师:约翰尼,你的肘部还痛吗?  Johnny: Yes, it does.  约翰尼:是的,还痛。  Intern: Can you feel this when I put it in your hand?  实习医师:我把这东西放在你手里,能感觉到吗?  Johnny: Yes.  约翰尼: 能感觉到。  Intern: Now, shake my hand , as hard as you can. … That's it. … Let's take a look at this arm. … Well, Johnny, I think we'd better take some pictures of it.  实习医师:好,尽你的最大力量握我的手。…对啦。…让我们检查一下这个胳臂。…那么,约翰尼,我看最好拍几张胳臂的X线照片。  Mother: Can we do that here?  母亲: 能在这儿拍吗?  Intern: Yes, the nurse will take you to the x-ray department.  实习医师:能,护士会领你们到放射科去。  * *  Intern: Hello. Would you please page Dr. Preble, the orthopedic resident on call, for extension 275?  实习医师:喂。请你接电话分机275号,叫矫形外科值班医生普里布尔接电话号吗?  Operator: One moment, please. …  电话员: 请等一下…  Resident: Hello.  住院医师:喂。  Intern: Hello, Dr. Preble. This is Dr. Harris.  实习医师:你好,普里布尔医生。我是哈里斯医生。  Resident: Hello, Doctor. What's up?  住院医师:你好,医生。什么事?  Intern: I have a young boy, ten years old, with a possible supracondylar fracture, and I'd like to have you come down and take a look at it.  实习医师:这儿有一个十岁大的男孩,可能是髁上骨折,我想请你下楼检查这个病人。  Resident: All right. I'll be there in ten minutes. Have you ordered the x-rays?  住院医师:行。过十分钟我就去。你已经让拍X线照片了吗?  Intern: Yes, I have , and they should be ready by the time you get here.  实习医师:是的,已经让拍了。你到这儿时X线照片就该准备好了。  Resident: Fine.  住院医师:很好。  (A few minutes later)  (数分钟后)  Resident: Was the radial pulse present?  住院医师:桡动脉脉搏存在吗?  Intern: Yes, it was, and it felt strong. The color in his hands was equal.  实习医师:是的,存在,感觉脉搏有力。两手的颜色一样。  Resident: How about the strength and sensation?  住院医师:肌力和感觉怎样?  Intern: The sensation was intact, but the strength was slightly diminished.  实习医师:感觉完整,但肌力稍减弱。  Resident: Are the films ready yet?  住院医师:X线照片已经准备好了吗?  Intern: Yes. Here they are.  实习医师:准备好了。在这儿。  Resident: Well, it looks as though you were right. He does have a supracondylar fracture, and it looks like the transcondylar type. I think he should come into the hospital, and we should use Dunlop's traction. Have you ever applied this traction?  住院医师:噢,看来你对了。他确实有髁上骨折,看来像经髁型。我认为他应该住院,用邓洛普式牵引法牵引。你用过这种牵引吗?  Intern: No, I haven't.  实习医师:没有,没有用过。  Resident: Well, I'll show you how it's done. Why don't you tell the mother that it will be necessary to bring her son into the hospital?  住院医师:好,我会让你看如何做这种牵引。你为什么不告诉孩子的母亲让她的儿子住院呢?  Intern: Mrs. Davis, I've just finished talking to the other doctor, and we both think that Johnny should be brought into the hospital.  实习医师:戴维斯太太,我刚与另一位医生讨论过了,我们俩都认为应该让约翰尼住院。  Mother: Whatever you say.  母亲: 照你说的办吧。  Intern: Nurse, will you please take them to the admissions office, and make the necessary arrangements?  实习医师:护士,请你领他们到住院处去,并做些必要的安排好吗?
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