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2007-08-02 17:37世博尊宝娱乐

Dominican Republic Clinches Miss Universe Title

  ★clinch: To embrace amorously.拥抱、热情地抱住。这个词的基本意思是To fix or secure (a nail or bolt, for example) by bending down or flattening the pointed end that protrudes.敲弯,敲平,通过弄弯或弄扁突出的一端来固定(如钉子或螺丝钉)。

  PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - Miss Dominican Republic Amelia Vega, a six-foot (1.83-meter) tall 18-year-old high school student, won the Miss Universe 2003 title at a sparkling ceremony in Panama City on Tuesday night, beating a field of 70 other pageant queens with her charm and charisma.

  ★sparkle,使闪耀[闪光]、用眼神表示喜悦。Her diamonds sparkles in the bright light.她的钻石在亮光下闪闪发光。Her eyes sparkled with excitement.她的眼睛由于兴奋而发亮。Sparkle此处的意思是灿烂的,活泼的。
  ★Ceremony,典礼, 仪式。perform the opening [closing] ceremony,举行开幕[闭幕]式。我们顺便学习两个惯用语,一个是stand on ceremony,讲究礼节, 拘泥礼节, 讲客套;另一个是with (without)ceremony,正式, 隆重[不拘礼节地, 随便地].
  ★Pageant,A spectacular procession or celebration.庆典、壮观的队列或庆祝、露天表演。
  ★Charisma,A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm or personal magnetism or charm, 领袖气质、领袖人物的超凡魅力。A television news program famed for the charisma of its anchors.以主持人的魅力而闻名的一个电视新闻节目。

  It was the first time a contestant from the Dominican Republic, a Spanish-speaking country that shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with impoverished Haiti, was crowned Miss Universe.

  ★Impoverished有两个意思,一个意思是Reduced to poverty、poverty-stricken.贫困的;赤贫的;另一个意思是Deprived of natural richness or strength, depleted,力量或肥性被耗尽的;用尽的:an impoverished speech,贫乏的讲演;a region impoverished by drought.由于干旱而变得贫瘠的地区。

  Vega, with typical dark brown Latin hair, was cheered on by an electric crowd as she walked the catwalk in her diamond and pearl-encrusted crown and long white dress. As Miss Universe 2003, Vega will take home an estimated $70,000 in prizes and hold public engagements around the world that will include fund-raising and campaigning for AIDS research and awareness

  ★electric 在此处的意思大家可能并不常见,它的意思是Emotionally exciting; thrilling:令人兴奋的让人情绪激动的;刺激的。Gave an electric reading of the play.朗读这个剧本,效果象电刺激一样。
  ★Encrusted, To cover or surmount with or as if with a crust:包壳,镶嵌,(仿佛)用一层外壳覆盖或镶饰。a scepter that is encrusted with diamonds; 镶嵌宝石的玉杖。legalities that were encrusted with tradition.约定俗成的义务。

  She said she too hopes to be a singer. In an entry statement to the organizing committee, she said that "music is a direct way to communicate with all the people without any race or ideological differences."

  The event gave Panama a few minutes of prime time to promote itself as a new tourist destination after decades of living under the shadow of the U.S. military, which left the country and handed over the canal on December 31, 1999.

  ★prime time,The evening hours, generally between 7 and 11 p.m., when the largest television audience is available.黄金时段,黄金时间通常指 晚间七时至11时,电视观众最多的时段,在本文中用的是词组的引申意义。
  ★under the shadow of这个短语有以下几个意思:
  (1)在……的附近, 与……很接近
  ★hand over,移交;让与。to hand over command of a ship ,移交军舰的指挥权;The pickpocket was handed over to the police.扒手被送交警方。

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